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Convallaria majalis, Lily of the Valley, Lily of the Valley ‘Bordeaux’
growing hints and forcing guide bottom of page,   

Lily-of-the-Valley, Zones 2-7, shade to sun
Deciduous, lily like   shaped leaves, 8" long, 3" wide and arching, arise from spreading roots. Small, bell shaped, fragrant, white flowers in May.  Very good groundcover. Mature height 4" - 8".
All varieties great when interplanted with Vinca Minor

planting pips generally flower in their 2nd year.
Ships from GA
$3.24 each, 50 or more $2.16, 250 or more $1.96
planting pips, packing add $3.05, minimum. ship $14.84, 50 each or more Ship Free
grower cannot ship to AZ, CA, NV, OR ,WA.
 Sold Out Lily of the Valley G2, planting pips. bare root, order in multiples of 100 only
100 at $0.84 each,  , planting pips generally flower in their 2nd year.
ProNurA1 Availability        ships coast to coast , from turbo cool storage in Michigan
shipping add $12.75,  per 100, 1,000 or more ship free , ships coast to coast Mid. Jan thru maybe April....
"...pips arrived today. They look great..." Barb. C.  from Anchorage, AK
Sold Out

Convallaria majalis ‘Bordeaux’, Lily of the Valley  Zones 2-7
Blooms more prolifically and larger than the species.
Taller flower stalks appear more above the leaves.

Pink Lily of the Valley  Zones 2-7
Fragrant, pale pink, bell-shaped flowers followed by tiny, orange berries.
They are coddled by the tulip-like leaves. Excellent groundcover.

Additional  POINTERS:

Convallaria certainly outranks nearly all other perennials when it comes to fragrance, retaining its heady perfume when

cut for fresh bouquets. It is considered a standard flower for bridal bouquets and is easy to preserve so it can be enjoyed

for years to come.

Convallaria is easy to grow in most soil types and partial to full shade. Recommended uses include:

• Groundcover under trees and shrubs • Erosion control for slopes • Wildflower for woodland gardens

• Beautiful container plant • Strongly fragrant cut flower

Convallaria is an ultra-hardy perennial that actually prefers cold weather. Gardeners as far north as zone 2 (-40ºF)

can grow this perennial successfully. Though it will tolerate the warmer weather of zones 6 and 7, it struggles to battle the

heat and humidity of zone 8 (20ºF).

Q. I'm looking for a variety of Lily of the Valley that will grow in Zone 9, the San Joaquin Valley of California.  I tried growing one in a full shade area here 2 years ago.  The first year it produced the leaves without flowers and the next year it was just gone.  What kind of soil does it prefer?
A. Only buy he ones listed as Flowering pips, your area is too warm for them to be perennial , plant March/April,
you can try to grow them  as Annuals, They do well in average soil more at
  Planting & Care Plant the pips with the conical end pointing up so that the tops of the pips stick up just above soil level. Firm up the soil around the rhizomes so they do not sink further in soil

FORCING CONVALLARIA (Lily of the Valley)

Timing: ProNur’s pre-chilled Convallaria flowering pips can be forced into flower in just 8 weeks when grown at 61°F with no artificial light. Pot up the flowering pips by Valentine’s Day, February 14th if forcing for Easter.


1.  Start by ordering high quality, pre-chilled Convallaria pips from ProNur Though we offer both planting and flowering pips, flowering pips work best for forcing; planting pips may not flower the first year.

2.  Prepare the soil. We recommend using a commercial pot­ting mix with a pH of 5.8-6.5. Pre-moisten the mix before planting, but don’t let it get soggy.

3. Plant the pips with the conical end pointing    up so that the
tops of the pips stick up just above soil level. Firm up the soil around the rhizomes so they do not sink further in Grow them on for
8 weeks at a temperature of 61ºF with no artificial light. Do not let the soil dry out.

4.  We recommend planting 4 pips per quart container. Though they can be potted up into larger containers, remember that the more you plant in the pot, evenly spaced, the better the finished plant will look.

5. If you have a way to keep some of the bare rhizomes cool, staging your planting is a good idea so you will always have some in bloom . Simply pot up more each week to two weeks and allow 8 weeks for them to come into bloom. Alternatively, you can stage your Convallaria orders

Once it has been forced in containers, this classic beauty can be reused in the garden. Store the rhizomes in a cool,

dry place, then plant them outdoors in partial to full shade when the danger of frost has passed. They may miss a year of

blooming, but will regain their awesome vigor and blooming capabilities in subsequent years. Plants should not be forced

in containers for a second year.