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do not order on-line ,please email or call


Fall Bulbs in Bulk   Ships: September thru December/Early Jan., Coast to Coast

Order early for best availability

If it is still too warm to plant your bulbs (e.g., the outside daytime temperature is 65 degrees or higher.)
 place your bulbs in a well ventilated area. Open your cartons immediately to
minimize surface mold by storing your bulbs in a cool dry place between 60 and 68 degree Fahrenheit ,
for hints on forcing or growing in warm climates please e-mail us: at
Additional Fall Bulb Info. and Terms bottom of  this page.  

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Daffodils in Bulk, Dutch Master Daffodil ,
Misty Glen Daffodils
Giant Daffodil Mixture, Ice Follies Daffodils , JetFire Narcissus
Tete A Tete Narcissus  Actaea Narcissus 
 Narcissi Thalia &All White Mix.

 Mount Hood Daffodil,
Scilla Siberica in Bulk


Red Riding Hood Tulip, the best perennial tulip
Pink Impression Tulip

more tulips are available in bulk please  Contact Us

 Eranthis hyemalis  Winter Aconite,Wolf's Bane, Winter Buttercups

Large Flowering Hyacinth,
Giant Hyacinth Mixture, Pink Pear Hyacinth, Blue Jacket Hyacinth,
Carnegie Hyacinth, Delft Blue Hyacinth

Crocus in Bulk, 100 minimum,, Snow Crocus Mixture, Large Crocus Mixture,
Yellow Mammoth Crocus., Remembrance Crocus
Crocus in Bulk2 150 minimum, $0.2189-$0.222, Crocus Blue Pearl, Crocus E.P.Bowles
Crocus in Bulk3 150 minimum, $0.2189-$0.2786, Crocus Ruby Giant,  Crocus Violet Queen,
Crocus Violet Queen, Crocus minimus
Crocus in Bulk4 120 minimum, $0.2786-$0.4128, Crocus v. Joan of Arc, Crocus v. Pickwick,
Crocus v. Purpurea Grandiflora,  Crocus v. Vanguard
Crocus Fuscotinctus Crocus Fuscotinctus SOLD OUT
Muscari in Bulk, Muscari Armeniacum, Grape Hyacinth
Sale $209.10, 1,500 each 8/9cm bulbs,
$210.00 Sale $189.00, 1,000 each  9/10cm bulbs,
$60.00, 250 each, 9/10cm bulbs,
Allium in Bulk, 9-100 minimum,
Allium Globe Master, Mediterranean Bells (Allium Siculum),
Purple Sensation Allium, Drumsticks Allium

Snowdrops  in Bulk, Regular, double  
Leucojum aestivum  Giant Snowflake
Specialty Bulbs in Bulk 100 minimum, $0.66-$0.24 per bulb,
English Blue Bells, Hyacinthoides non-scripta
Dutch Iris Mixture, Wood Hyacinth Mixture,


PaperWhites Kits, Paperwhites in Bulk,
Please report any problems or damages within 2 days of receipt
Size: 12 centimeters (cm) is 4.7 inches in circumference,  we list bulb size for each bulb listed on our web site.
Cancellations: No returns without prior authorization. Any order cancelled or refused will be charged will be charged a 25%
   restocking fee. Shipping fees are non-refundable.
Common Mistake: planting too deep, if directions say 6" (inch) deep, that includes height of the bulb,
             best too shallow then too deep. For  clay soils amend with organic matter such as peat moss, compost etc..., also avoid
             low areas that collect water.
Easy dig bulbs: Crocus Muscari Snowdrops poke or drill a hole, drop the bulb in and cover
Naturalizing: Daffodils Narcissus Crocus Muscari Snowdrops are deer resistant and may be left in the ground to multiply without
            any effort
Canada: Fall bulbs are unable to ship to Canada
 live in a warm climate, which bulbs are best for my area?
 Warm Climates:To grow bulbs in climates where it generally does not freeze, some extra work is necessary as these bulbs need a cooling period that mother nature cannot provide in your area. Place bulbs in the refrigerator for at least 6 weeks. Also, most bulbs will not be able to survive extremely hot summers, so they needed to be treated like annuals or dug up and replanted the following December or January. Also when selecting tulips, stick to tall varieties. Here are some specific instructions:Place bulbs in ventilated bags in the refrigerator at the usual temperature between 40 and 45 degrees for at least 6 weeks but you can store them for up to 16 weeks if necessary until you are ready to plant. Do not store bulbs with any fruit as the ethylene gas given off  by  ripening fruit will kill the flower inside bulbs. Plant bulbs a little deeper than normal ( 6 to 8 inches) and some optional mulch to help retain moisture. Water the garden regularly especially if you live in a dry area as you do not have the benefit of melting snow that the northern gardeners enjoy.
If you do not have spare refrigerator, the following list of bulbs DO NOT need to be cooled: Narcissus, Dutch Iris Anemones, Ranunculus, Freesia, Ixia, Sparaxis, Amaryllis.
Late Planted  Bulbs: Optimally bulbs should be planted  before the first hard frost.. Important keep unplanted bubs cool .  If your ground is frozen in December for example, try to wait for a thaw or break in the weather and plant them a little deeper than normal. If this seems an unlikely scenario, plant your bulbs in pots, place them in a cool (not freezing) dark place and water sparingly, as soon as soil thaws. Flower quality of mid-winter planting is always less than Fall Planted, quality does improve with each spring.

Should surface mold occur during shipping, it's  harmless and will not affect the performance of the bulb since surface mold is a natural occurrence due to the moisture content of the bulb combined with temperature changes that take place while your bulbs are in transit.
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