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Fountain Lights / Quick Disconnect Proper Use Notes   
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Always turn off power working on your aerator fountain.

Always follow recommendations from Oase®, below are recommadation which may not be apply to newer changes in Lake Management Fountains

When removing or replacing light covers, check  the lenses are not cracked (commonly caused by thrown rocks), gasket is properly seated and not worn, tighten bolts in a crisscross pattern: turn each bolt partially , continue in a crisscross pattern until all bolts are tightened. Please note light cover goes on dry without any “sealant”.

Quick disconnect, . If previously  opened, “O” ring may have fallen out. Closing a quick disconnect without this “O” ring will cause the circuit to “short” out. Additionally the nut/bolt that closes the  Quick disconnect isn’t  tighten enough water will enter and will cause the circuit to “short” out. “O” ring in place? Waterproof seals on both ends intact, not damaged or pulled?   Still have water inside Quick disconnect ? remove all moisture and allow to dry, then apply more pressure to tighten the nut/bolt.

Dislodged wiring leading to aerators’ lights and or quick disconnect  will cause circuits to “short” out. This can happen if a electrical line snags a submerged object such as a jagged rock, tree limb etc..   Naturally best to always lift submerged electrical lines, instead of pulling the  lines.

Water Proof seals as well as (Re-enterable) Encapsulate protect electrical connections.
After using encapsulant, last time we checked, set time necessary before placing in water 10 hrs., check instructions/label for latest info. about set times, curing temperatures etc.

For  wiring call on a licensed electrician to do the work.

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