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Achillea (Yarrow) Zones 4-8 'Coronation Gold', 'Oertel's Rose' no minimum
        Achillea contd.   'Papirka, 'Moonshine', 'Terra Cotta'  
Ajuga 8 varieties,  spring flowering , Zones: 3/4-9  ‘Black Scallop’ PP15815
ALSTROEMERIA INCA ICE™ ('Koice') Peruvian Lily Zones 5-9
 Amsonia, Arkansas Blue Star Zones 4-9,Willow Blue Star Zones 3-9, Native
ANEMONE hupehensis, Anemone sylvestris Zones 3/5-8, white flowers, 30 minimum
 Anemone x ‘September Charm’, Japanese Anemone   Zones 5-9
Armeria maritima SeaThrift,  Bloodstone’,   Zone 3-8
Asclepias tuberosa, Butterfly Weed, attracts monarch butterflies  Zones 3b?/4-9, Native
Astible arendsi 'Bressingham Beauty', 'Bridal Veil', 'Fanal'  
Astible (25 min): chinensis 'Milk and Honey’
 Aster Wood’s Light Blue’,Wood’s Pink’and Wood’s Purple’ Zones 3 to 8
 BERGENIA cordifolia, 'Purpurea', purpurascens, 'SILBERLICHT'
 Buddliea , Butterfly Bush Zones 5-10: 'Bicolor', 'Attraction', 'Black Night', 'Nanho Blue', 'Pink Delight' ,
'Royal Red', 'Santana' PP12383, 'Honeycomb'  20 each 3 inch pots, ships coast to coast
 .Brunnera Zones  3-8, 4 varieties, blue flowers mid spring for shade
Campsis radicans (Trumpet Vine) Zones 4B-9
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides leadwort, dwarf plumago Zones 5B-9, blue flowers mid June-frost
Chrysogonum v.  &...'Pierre' Zones 5-9A spreading, yellow flowers spring thru summer, Native
Convallaria majalis Lily-of-the-Valley,  Lily of the Valley ‘Bordeaux’, Lily of the Valley ‘Rosea’ Zones 2-7
COREOPSIS auriculata Nana , yellow flowers late spring thru fall, needs good drainage Zones 4-9
Coreopsis ‘Jethro Tull’ ,  Coreopsis v. ‘Route 66’ Zones 4-9
Delosperma Ice Plant , Zones 6-10 ,
Delosperma nubigena Trailing Iceplant Zones 5b-10a
Delphinium elatum, ‘Misty Mauves’, ‘Morning Lights’, ‘Double Innocence’ Zone 3-7
Dianthus 'Bath's Pink' ,Dianthus g. 'Fire Witch' (2006 Perennial Plant of the Year) Dianthus x 'Fire Star' (P.P.A.F.) Zones 4-8
 Dianthus: ‘Cranberry Ice’ PPAF, ‘Strawberry Sorbet’ PPAF Zone 5-9 flowers early summer early fall
Echinacea purpurea Purple Cone Flower, ECHINACEA purpurea 'Magnus', ECHINACEA purpurea 'White Swan'
 Echinacea__Sunset_Sundown_After_Midnight Zone 3/4  -8/9, 
Euonymus fortunei :, 'Acutus' , 'Coloratus'  wintercreeper , 'Kewensis'  'Gracilis' evergreen ground cover hardy in Zones 5-8b
EUPHORBIA 'Blackbird' PP17178 minimum winter temps between 0 and 30°F
Fragaria 'Lipstick' Alpine strawberry Zones5-9
Ferns: Index
     Korean Rock Fern  Ostrich Fern  Royal Fern
.Gaultheria procumbens Wintergreen, Native, Zones: 3-7
Galium odoratum Sweet Woodruff ,white flowers Zones 4b-8
Geranium :‘Sweet Heidy’ PPAF, ‘Orkney Cherry’ Zones: 5-8  flowers late spring-fall, deer resistant
Heuchera Coral Bells part. shade Zones 4-9   'Palace Purple', 'Amethyst Myst' , 'Champagne Bubbles' PP11259
Helleborus    Zones 4-9 Perennial of the year 2005,
 HEMEROCALLIS1 (Dayllies) GrowNur's 4" & 1 gallon,  , 'Fairy Tale Pink' ,  'Happy Returns'
        'Little Business'  Zones   vary 3-10
 Hemerocallis2 (Dayllies) GrowNur's 4" & 1 gallon,  'Pardon Me', 'Personal Appearance'
         'Stella de Oro' Zones  3-10
Hemerocallis (Dayllies) mostly bare root ,    ORANGE, Kwanso, Frans Hals, Little Business'
      'Nashville Star', 'Ruby Stella' ,
      'Catherine Woodbury', 'Fairy Tale Pink', 'Pixie Beauty''Baby Darling', Barbary Corsair', 'Little Wart' , 'Aztec Gold'
      Happy Returns', 'Hyperion', 'Lemon Yellow' ,  'Mary Todd', 'Stella de Oro', 'White Triangle'
Hedera (Ivy) 15  varieties
.Helenium ‘Sahin’s Early Flowerer’Sneezeweed, Helen’s Flower, native, Zone 3-8, 25 each minimum
 Herniaria glabra , Rupturewort Zones : 6-9, Full Sun to Part Sun
Hibiscus Rose Mallow,  Zones 4b-9 tall, large flowering white to red, 'Anne Arundel', Hibiscus 'Blue River ll',
 'Disco Belle Mix' ,  'Fantasia' PP11853,  'Fireball' PP13631,  'Kopper King' PP10793, 'Lady Baltimore',
  'Lord Baltimore',  'Old Yella' PP13630,  'Plum Crazy' PP11854,  'Sweet Caroline' PP7608, Hibiscus 'Turn of the Century
 HIBISCUS 'Cranberry Punch' TM, PPAF , HIBISCUS moscheutos 'Pink Clouds' Zones 4/5-9, 9 pot minimum
Hosta Index Zones 3-9, good for shade or partial sun
Hypericum (St. Johnwort, Aaron's beard) Zones 6-10
Iberis(Candytuft) Zones 4/5-9
Iris cristata Zones 3/4-9,Native
 Iris Seberica, (Siberian Iris) Zones 4-9  deer resistant, flowers  in May,  sun
About Tall Bearded Iris cultural info./Index. , Zones 3-10
 Kniphofia uvaria Early Hybrids, Red Hot Poker Zones 5-9, 25 minimum
 LYSIMACHIA nummularia 'Aurea', 'Creeping Jenny', 'Moneywort',winter temp.-20ºF to 15ºF, about 4 inches high
Lamiastrium(Yellow Archangel)
 Lamium  Zones  3-8,  6 varieties, mid spring flowers pink, purple or white, Full to part Shade
Lantana 'New Gold' Zones 8-10,  'Athens Rose', 'Confetti' , 'Dallas Red', 'Miss Huff'', 'Pink Caprice' ,
'Silver Mound' hardy for the south, great summer annuals for northern gardens
 LAURENTIA fluviatilis (Blue Star Creeper) Zones 5b-10
 Lavandula English Lavender, Hidcote, Jean Davis, Munstead,Grosso Zones 5-9a
Leptinella squalida "Platt's Black" (Brass Buttons) Zone 4, fern-like foliage almost black, spreads, flowers
Liriope m. 'Gold Band' Zones 5b-10, Lirope m. 'Big Blue'  Zones 5b-10,  NEW LIRIOPE m.'Majestic' zone 5-10, New LIRIOPE m.'Monroe's White' Zones 6-10
Liriope m. Royal Purple Zones 6-10,New LIRIOPE m. 'Samantha' Zones 6-10, Liriope muscari 'Variegata' Zones 5b-10
Liriope spicata 'Silver Dragon' Zones 7-10, Liriope spicata Zones 5-10 Creeping Lily Turf,
 LITHODORA diffusa 'Grace Ward' Blue Lithospermum, 4-6" tall, 12-18" spread, winter hardy in zones 5-9
Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Arabicus' Black Mondo Grass, Zones 5b-10
Ophiopogon japonicus Mondo Grass Regular and Variegated Mondo Grass, Zones 7-10
Ophiopogon japonicus Nana, Dwarf Mondo Grass, Zones 7-10
Oxalis 4 varieties
Mazus reptans, low growing blue flowers spring, Zones 5-8
 .Monarda, Bee Balm, summer flowering Zones 3/4-8/9,  7 varieties
Pachysandra Zones 4-9, 4 varieties, evergreen groundcover  for shade
Parthenocissus quinequefolia (Virginia Creeper, Woodbine) Zones 3-9
Parthenocissus tricuspidata   (Boston Ivy) Zones3-9, 2 varieties
Papaver orientale (Oriental Poppy) 30 min. Zones 4-9, 3 varieties
Paeonia (Peony) 10 min.  Zones 4-8
 PHLOX divaricata zones 3-9, 'London Grove', part to full shade, blue purple flowers in spring
 .Phlox  stolonifera zones 3-9, 'Sherwood Purple', part to full shade, spring flowering, native
Phlox(Trift, creeping Phlox) Zones 3-9, 5 varieties, 
 Potentilla neumanniana ‘Nana’ sun-part shade, Zones  4-8 yellow flowers
Polemonium reptans Stairway to Heaven PP15187 Jacob's Ladder-Variegated Zones 3-7, part to full shade, native
PULMONARIA 'Opal', Bertram Anderson’ , ‘Diana Clare’,‘Roy Davidson’, 'Majeste','Sissinghurst' ,'Raspberry Splash'
     'Mrs. Moon ', 'Samourai' white, blue, pink flowers, all with great foilage for shade Zones 3 /4-9
 Rosa Rose, 5 Varieties of miniature roses for full Sun Hardy to Zone 5
Rubus calycinoides (Creeping Raspberry) Zone 5b-9
Sagina subulata Irish Moss Zones 4-7
 SALVIA 6 varieties, Zones 7-10, Zones 3-9 , 2 varieties for  cooking
Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldsturm'  1999 Perennial Plant of the Year Zones 4-9
SCABIOSA c. 'Butterfly Blue' 2000 Perennial Plant  of the Year Zones 3-8
Sedum'Angelina,kamtschaticum 'Variegatum',kamtschaticum, 'Mediovariegatum','Blue Spruce', Autumn Joy ,Fuldaglut
       'John Creech' , Vera Jamison Zones 3-9  Sedum s.Fuldaglut/ Fulda Glow
 Sedum2 SEDUM sieboldii October Daphne, SEDUM makinoi 'Ogon' , SEDUM tetractinum 'Chinese sedum'
Stachy byzantina 'Helene von Stein' big lamb ear's, Sun Zones 4b-8, soft gray/green leaves, twice the size of "Silver Carpet'
Thymus, Thyme Zones 3/5-8, herb, creeeping red, 'Pink Chintz'
Thyme after time Creeping Lemon Thyme  18 each 4" pots
.Elfin Thyme Zones 4-9
TRADESCANTIA pallida 'Purple Heart'  Zones 7-11, purple foliage
 Trifolium repens ‘Atropurpureum’, Bronze Dutch-Irish Clover Zones 4-9.Grows in full Sun to Part Shade
 TEUCRIUM chamaedrys  (Germander) Zones 5-9, Full to part sun,  used for knot and formal gardens
VERBENA 'Homestead Purple' , 'Creeping Red', 'Ron Deal', Zones 6b-10, colorful annual for northern gardens
Veronica  peduncularis 'Georgia Blue' blue flowers Zones 4-9, 18 minimum,  alpina 'Goodness Grows'
VINCA major Zones 5b-9 green, and Variegated, no minimum, quanity discounts available
VINCA major ‘Wojo’s Gem’ PP11809  Zones 7-9  Evergreen, creamy yellow-white center...
Vinca minor Zones 4-8, 6 varieties
Viola 6   Varieties,  Zones 4-8, 25 min.
.Waldsteinia ternata (Barren Strawberry) Zones 3-8 evergreen groundcover best in light shade   2.5" pots, 25 minimum